The juggling stix that integrate the two hemispheres of the brain while toning muscle!

Dancing with Crystal Stix is a unique art form. Music, of course, is the main ingredient. One great thing about dancing with Stix is that it's OK to dance alone! This comes in handy when there is no partner available – and you just have to move. A favorite spot for Stix players is an outdoor concert. From jazz to alternative – all music is good for Stix.

To start, all you need to know to dance with Stix is the basic tic-toc. Then you just move your feet and throw in a claim your bubble stretch now and then for variation. Dancing is so much fun – we find it's the easiest way to learn to do Stix. Once in a while, at Renaissance Fairs, musicians stop by and I get to let go and dance. Someone always asks me “how long did it take to learn that?” I answer “I've always danced with my Stix even just doing the tic-toc. Every time I play I try something a little harder – dropping it a lot in the process.”

Some people get to twirling in just a few days. I feel like I get better and more fluid every time I play. So I say you're always in the process of learning, and I guess I was doing it from the start. Please don't hold back and think “this is too hard” or “it will take forever-” it isn't and it doesn't. Just start right now with the tic-toc in a rhythmic and creative way, get into the music, and let yourself go!