Crystal Stix SuperFlights

Crystal Stix Superflights are professional grade and consist of two hand controllers and a baton made from fiberglass . Both the baton and controllers come in a variety of handpainted colors and are covered with a super-grip surface, which provides the user with extraordinary control while playing with the Stix.The hand controllers are approximately 19 inches long and the baton is approximately 24 inches long. The baton has quality leather end pieces and tassels. The weight of each end piece is checked and the baton is carefully balanced. The use of layers of heavier leather (7 to 8 oz) contributes to the dynamics of play .

Crystal Stix places a strong emphasis on quality and with proper care the Stix will last for many years.

Fiberglass Control Stix
Leather End Piece and Tassels
Control Surface Control Stix
Length and Weight:
Shaft: 24 Inch (607 mm) - 8 ounces (227 g)

Superflight Crystal Stix 22 $84.00 USD
(shipping included)



27 inch superflights $94.00 USD
(shipping included)